The Flag We Pledged Our Allegiance too at our last meeting

IMG_1752This flag served as identification for LCT #218, U.S. Navy, invasion of Sicily, Salerno & Anzio, Italy from June 1943 through December 1944. Several LCTs from Camp Gordon Johnston, Carrabelle, FL formed the flotilla 9 group 26, traveled from Gulf of Mexico waters to Gibraltar, underway to Oran, Algeria to prepare for operation “Husky” in early July 1943. In early September 1943 operation “Bigot Avalanche” began to secure beach-head at Salerno, then January of 1944 secured the beach head at Anzio, Castellemare & Naples under very stiff German resistance. After success in Italy LCT #218 was re-fitted and continued to England for post D-Day Europe supply operations. God bless the USA!

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